Center on Responsive Education

The Center on Responsive Education—CORE—is a group of four KCC programs preparing paraprofessionals and educational interpreters and serving as pathways for pre-education and transfer students. We work together to prepare educational professionals and paraprofessionals to be educationally, culturally, and linguistically responsive to individual and group needs—specializing in differentiated instruction and universal design.


photo2_hiThe Education Program allows students to study from one of four specialized pathways: Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education; and our newest pathway, Dual Preparation. Students in this program gain hands-on experiences in preK-12 classroom settings with experienced teachers.
Education Program website


Deaf Studies

photo3_hiThe Deaf Education program prepares paraprofessionals to provide instructional support to deaf students in preK-12 classrooms. This program is also serves as a pathway for students interested in teaching deaf students or working in deaf-related fields.
Deaf Studies website