Deaf Education: Become a Paraprofessional

  • Do you like to work with children and support their academic, personal, and social growth?
  • Do you interact well with others in a professional environment?
  • Do you enjoy a variety of activities and responsibilities in a job?
  • Are you interested in, becoming, or are fluent in American Sign Language?
  • Would you like to be part of a team working in a Deaf Education setting?
  • Are you able to use decision-making and problem-solving skills?
  • Are you on a pathway to become a teacher or other professional in a deaf-related field?

Here in Hawaiʻi, there are several opportunities for working with deaf and hard of hearing (deaf/hh) individuals in a paraprofessional role. KCC’s Deaf Education Paraprofessional program can provide the knowledge and skills that will be helpful in these jobs.

At Hawaiʻi School for the Deaf and the Blind and mainstream programs across the state, graduates of the Deaf Education paraprofessional program might work with deaf/hh students in one of these roles:

  • Educational Assistant (EA)
  • Part-time Temporary Teacher (PTT)
  • Educational Interpreter (EI)
  • Houseparent for HSDB Dorms