E Komo Mai…

to KCC’s Center on Responsive Education (CORE) Program, where students can start their journey of becoming a teacher, an educational paraprofessional, or both! Students can choose from one of four different and specialized pathways:

  • Special Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Dual Preparation
  • Secondary Education

The primary goals of the Education Program are to provide students who are interested in the teaching profession:

  1. Numerous Opportunities to learn about the field.
  2. Success in academic and personal spheres.
  3. A sense of Belonging on the KCC campus.

Students can opt to achieve an Associate Degree in one of these pathways or transfer to a baccalaureate teacher education program. In each pathway, students will have numerous opportunities, through Service Learning and field experiences, to interact and work with children and youth in preK-12 classroom settings, as well with experienced teachers.

The Education Program also has a counselor and an academic advisor to provide students with information and support regarding academic planning, financial aid, and scholarships. To be successful in the Education Program, students are strongly encouraged to regularly contact the program’s counselor and/or advisor.