Special Education for Teachers and Schools…

Professional development opportunities for teachers are available and include short-term intensive training and individualized supports and services. Training will be designed and tailored to meet the needs of the teachers and their school settings. Teachers can choose from two certificate programs:

  • Certificate of Competence
    • 9 credits of SPED coursework
  • Certificate of Completion
    • 15 credits of SPED coursework

For assistance in planning a professional development program to meet your needs, please contact the Honda International Center (HIC). See contact box for details. For other teachers and schools, please contact Veronica Ogata.

Certificate Program Courses:

  • ED 126 – Partnerships with Families, Schools, & Communities II
  • ED 151 – Education & Techonology I
  • ED 260 – Positive Behavior Supports
  • ED 285 – Classroom Management & Instruction
  • ED 286 – Introduction to SPED I
  • ED 287 – Introduction to SPED II
  • ED 294 – SPED Capstone Seminar & Practicum

For more information on the courses, visit the Course Descriptions page.