Special Education

Selecting the Special Education (SPED) Focus at Kapi‘olani Community College will help you prepare for a fulfilling career in a global job market as a:

  • SPED teacher
  • SPED consultant
  • SPED one-to-one specialist
  • SPED teacher assistant
  • SPED tutor

For professional practice and/or service at any of these locations:

  • Public/Private preschool/K-12 schools
  • Specialized preschool/K-12 institutions
  • Adult community programs
  • Family centers
  • In-Home services

If you are interested in becoming a SPED teaching assistant or SPED tutor, this program will provide you with specialized training. You can focus on the grade-level of your choice, and design assignments and projects specific to your SPED interest area(s).

If you want to become a SPED teacher, SPED consultant, or SPED specialist, this program will prepare you with the necessary competencies to enter a baccalaureate teacher education program, which will provide you with further specialized training to work with individuals with special needs.